April 15th –> Campground Opens

May 19                  Bingo
June 9                   Bingo
June 16                 Camper Breakfast
June 22-23          Bluegrass
June 30                Camper Breakfast
July 7                     Bingo
July 13-14             Fireman Jubilee
July 21-28            Clarion County Fair
Aug. 4                   Bingo/Picnic
Aug. 11                  Camper Breakfast
Aug. 17-19            BMW Rally
Sept. 12                 Poker Run
Sept. 15                 Camper Breakfast
Sept. 22                Bingo
Oct. 6                    Near the End Party
Dec. 1                    Craft Show from 9-4pm

October 15th –> Campground Closes

Bingo will be in the Bingo Pavilion. Start time 6 pm. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Camper Breakfast will be at Kitchen Building. 7:30ish.

Picnic and Near the End Party will be at the Kitchen Building. Park will supply the main course, please bring a covered dish. 5:30pm.

Dates/Times subject to change as other events are scheduled.